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Contracts Administrator
  Mikhail Volkov    Оплата: >5000


Contracts Administrator is looking for permanent job

Ишет работу в:
любой регион,  Российская Федерация

Тип найма: постоянная работа
Занятость: полный рабочий день

Телефон: +73122923174 Email: <скрыт>
Факс: - Web: -
  Дата: 2007-06-13 Ссылка: 911CV94289  
CV работника
Mikhail Volkov
Дата рождения 1981-05-05
Пол Мужской
Расположение Mukanov street, 12-8, Atyrau, 465003, Российская Федерация, Казахстан
Телефон +73122923174
Факс -
Семейное положение Married
Looking for permanent job where I will be able to use my work experience and skills.

bachelor degree.

Образование основное
Moscow Humanitarian University,
Economics faculty

Образование дополнительное
• December, 2007: attended the course of Budget Accounting presented by HOCK training.
• September, 2007: attended the course of LEADERSHIP presented by NEW LEADERS.
• June, 2007: attended the course of PROJECT ECONOMIC EVALUATION & COST MANAGEMENT in San Donato Milanese, provided by ECU.
• May, 2007: attended the course of PROBLEM SOLVING & DECISION MAKING provided by ENI Corporate University
• April, 2007: attended the BOSET Sea Survival Training and H2S courses:
 Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
 Sea Survival Induction
 Fire Safety Induction
• October, 2006: attended the course of TOTAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT provided by ENI Corporate University
• August, 2006: attended the course of CONTRACTS ADMINISTRATION FROM AWARD TO COMPLITION provided by EUROMATECH in Dubai
• May, 2006: attended the course of NIGOTIATIATING EFFECTIVELY provided by ENI S.p.A
• Attended the HSE Training: “Behavioral Analysis”
Production Hazard analysis
• Attended 6 hours fire extinguisher “Ansul” and SCBA “Magnum” H2S training in Agip KCO

In additional: 6 months Work practice in AGIP KCO London Office to get international experience.

Опыт работы
• August, 2005 – up to present
Contracts Administrator
Agip KCO Offshore Kashagan Development Project
RESPONSIBILITIES: - Contracts Administering and Cost Controlling mainly the contracts with ACV (Approved Contract Value) up to 50 millions USD for the construction of oil producing artificial islands in Caspian Sea. During the winter Construction season, COMPANY relocate me to the London office to assist the Senior Cost Control/Contract Administrator with monitoring the service contracts with the same responsibilities related to EP Clusters & Civil Projects.
Administering and cost allocation of the existing contracts such as:
a) MANUFACTURE AND DELIVERY OF PRECAST CONCRETE ELEMENTS, where the elements are fabricated in Aktau and Atyrau Contractor’s facilities and then transported to the Atyrau River Port or to the Bautino Navy Jetty, after to be transported by barges Offshore for installation.
c) OFFSHORE CIVIL CONSTRUCTION WORKS, Main Contract, Contractor responsible for installation and construction works Offshore.
d) PROVISION OF AIR DIVING SERVICES, Mobilising a personal and diving equipments for the under water service during the Construction season and demobilising or stand by accordingly.
e) CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF THE JETTY IN THE TUPKARAGAN BAY AREA, Contractor is monitoring activities at the base and controlling the transportation of barges with the material required due to Offshore Construction season.
f) ROCK AND SAND SUPPLY, several Contractors producing high density rock and sand at own carriers then transporting materials to the Jetty.
g) PROCUREMENT PILING MATERIALS, supply and transport sheet piles materials from Germany to Kazakhstan.
h) MARINE SERVICES, Supply of Offshore living quarters, tug-boats, Icebreakers and etc.
Note: COMPANY using local as well as the foreign Contractors,
COPMANY awards Call Off and Lump-sum Contracts.

 Receiving and analysing the Purchase Order requests for materials from the Offshore Supervisors.
 Selection of the Contractors suitable for the relative scope of work, using the Vendor List approved by COMPANY.
 Holding the Contracts pre award meetings, negotiations with Contractors, taking the minutes of meetings.
 Initiation of tenders and bids evaluation.
 Adjustment of contractual disputes and claims, preparation of conciliation agreements.
 Contract terms and documentation compliance control.
 Issuing the variation orders and amendments to the contracts.
 Cash Call forecast preparation on behalf of Offshore Project, issuing the requests for new BU (Business unit) if the scope of work to be performed is changed/increased.
 VOWD (Value of work Done) records. The excel spreadsheet developed to control the ACV (status as well as over-runs), VOWD for each Contract and WBS (Cost Centre).
 Correspondence preparation on behalf of Contract Holder.
 SAP system: processing the contracts payments (Purchase Orders, Service Entry’s and Accruals creation), establish reports of expenditures; input of Contractors details such as account details, contact and representative information.
 Checking the invoices compliance as per Contract star rates.
 Monthly Progress meetings with Contractors organization and then conducting.
 Contracts extension: prices negotiations, scope discussions and fulfillments of the conditions.
 Contracts termination and close out activities (SAP Contract Close Out).
 Setting, maintenance and auditing of contracts section file system.
 Provide Contract Holder with necessary information concerning the Commercial Status of contracts.
 Provide and assist other departments with the completed reports/information such as:
a) Contract Status Summary report
b) Procurement Outlook
c) Monthly Monitoring Report
d) VOWD (Value of work Done) forecast
e) Cost Allocation report
f) Contractors Manpower Statistic report
g) Budget forecast preparation

• July ,2004 – August, 2005
Document Controller
Agip KCO Offshore Kashagan Development Project
Document Control department related to offshore engineering projects.

 Project documentation management and control, including correspondence, technical drawings, specifications, e-mails and others
 Incoming and outgoing correspondence registration in the system and making hardcopies
 Working in IMIS and EDMS systems
 Preparation of weekly, monthly and etc. reports
 Preparation of Documents Control Plan and revision of Documents Control Procedure
 Filing the project letters, documents, reports, drawings, specifications.

• May, 2002 – March, 2004
Translator/Technical Assistant
International Support Service Company (for Agip KCO)

 Assisting in translation & interpretation of supervisor who controls the fabrication and transportation of concrete slabs for Production Islands on Caspian Sea.
 Preparation of daily reports.
 Interpretation of safety meetings on construction site/facility.
 Also get acquainted with the SNIP of republic Kazakhstan and the production technique of concrete elements.


Дополнительная информация
Знание языков English - fluent, Russian - Mother tongue.
Водительские права Есть
Собственный транспорт Нет
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